Class of 2021

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                                     Congratulations to the Algonac High School Class of 2021, that graduated on June 11, 2021!

  Graduation picture
                                                           Thank you Flower Street Photography and Crystal Harris for sharing your graduation pictures.      

Class of 2021 Senior Awards

 Congratulations to the Top 11 seniors of the Class of 2021!

Since there was a tie for the 10th highest ranking senior, we will be honoring our top 11 seniors of the Class of 2021.
Listed below, in alphabetical order, are:

Kalin Baitinger     Tabitha Balduck     Anthony Bonett     Gabrielle Cournoyer     Ella Duvernay     Joey Geck
      Kalin Baitinger                    Tabitha Balduck                     Anthony Bonett                  Gabrielle Cournoyer                  Ella DuVernay                         Joey Geck

                        Roman Kizyma     Christian Neumann     Emma Saddler     Brad Wisneski     Brendon Wolfe
                               Roman Kizyma                 Christian Neumann                Emma Saddler                     Brad Wisneski                      Brendon Wolfe