Food Services

Food Service Dirtector, Steve Bellante, Phone: 810.794.8875, Email: Chartwells School Dining
Breakfast is served Daily at ALL Schools
Start your Day Right with a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast Times for 2019-2020
Algonquin Elementary - Served in Cafe from 8:45 - 9:00
Millside Elementary - Breakfast in the Classroom - 8:45 - 9:00
Algonac Jr/Sr High School - Served in the HS Cafe from 6:45 - 7:30

Top Ten reasons to Eat Breakfast at School:
1. Start off right-reduce stress level before it gets started with breakfast's energizing qualities.
2. Avoid the urge to snack on sugary.
3. Improve test scores and classroom performance.
4. Show up more often and on time.
5. Change your attitude! Energy released from regular meals helps maintain a calm, even disposition.
6. Be able to pay attention all day.
7. Fight off illnesses-breakfast eaters get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients to battle infections and stay healthy
8. Maintain healthy weight-breakfast eaters control weight more easily.
9. Enjoy yourself!!! With your "new and improved" school breakfast program you'll find old favorites and adventurous new healthy tastes.
10. Have more energy for the whole day.

Upcoming Events:
Mood Boost Breakfast Giveaway
Eat breakfast daily at the elementary
Collect mood boost trading cards
collect all 6 six to win a special prize

Celebrating "Infused Water" weekly at the HS - FREE
Nacho Tuesday's at all Schools
Half Days January 23 - January 24 for Elementary - Breakfast Served
Half Days January 23 - January 24 for Seceondary - Breakfast Served
Elementary Mood Boost Lucky Tray on Thursday, January 16
Elementary Birthday Celebration on January 17 - "Jonny Pops"
Strawberry Milk  - Wednesday, January 22

Thanks for Supporting the Algonac community Schools Food Service