Parent Information for College Bound Athletes

Here you will find links and information for students and parents who are interested in college athletics.


Parents of athletes that are considering participation in college athletics are strongly encouraged to visit the NCAA Clearing House web-site for rules and regulations regarding eligibility. The web-site is  .  Please note…it is vital that prospective athletes pass all of their core classes.  If an athlete is in jeopardy of not passing a core class they should immediately make contact with the athletic director or school counselor to begin a course of action.  Failing a core class may jeopardize an athlete’s ability to be able to participate in college athletics.  The NCAA Clearing House (necessary for participation at the D1 and DII levels) has strict guidelines on the format of credit recovery courses.  Traditional credit recovery formats may not be accepted by the NCAA Clearing House, making it essential for a customized plan to be developed in the case of core course failures.